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I'm a believer that some things can't be taught. A good eye and good taste are some of those things. I like to think that I have both. It's that, combined with years of experience, a type-A personality, creative drive, and a sense of humor, that makes me, and the work I do, really distinct.  I have worked extensively in the commercial creative industry for the last 15+ years, and have a broad range of experience with everything from food, furniture, soft goods, tabletop and apparel. Additionally, I have comprehensive knowledge of the entire image making process: from pre-production concepting and budgeting, casting and locations, art direction and team leading, prop and wardrobe styling, editing and post-production, to the final wonderful product. I am a master of translating creative direction into a reality, by combining both imagination with technical ability, and can work just as well in Excel or Capture One as I can in Photoshop or InDesign. My job is interpreting your vision, making it happen, producing a product that exceeds your expectations, while making it look effortless.

When I'm not working, I live in Petaluma, California with my husband, daughter, dog, cat, and chickens. Although, in a sense, I'm always working on something, and often that involves the 1905 Victorian home where I live. I'm also an avid traveler, gardener, published author, a lover of bread, cheese, chocolate, tea, beer, 80s music, TV, and everything British. 

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